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Better Together

Wedgewood Pharmacy and Diamondback Drugs are partnering to better serve veterinarians like you.

As a combined organization, we will be transitioning to the Wedgewood Pharmacy name, combining our formularies, and transferring all prescriptions to the Wedgewood Pharmacy system - so your order confirmation emails, shipment tracking emails, packaging, prescription labels, invoices, statements and credit card charges will all reflect the Wedgewood Pharmacy brand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will Wedgewood Pharmacy offer the same medications that I am currently buying from Diamondback Drugs?
A: Combined, we offer the largest formulary available in animal health compounding. We’re better together, offering a wide variety of medications, dosage forms, strengths and sizes. In most cases, we anticipate our new formulary will be able to meet your needs with an exact match or a comparable alternative to your current Diamondback Drugs medication. However, some medications that you have recently ordered may not be available in the new, combined formulary - in which case, you will have the option to submit a custom formulation request.

Q: Can I still order using VetPrescriber?
A: Yes, you will be able to order using VetPrescriber until October 2019, at which time, you will still be able to order digitally from the new, combined formulary at You can currently access Wedgewood Pharmacy's formulary 24/7 at - and we suggest creating your account now if you don't already have one.

Q: Where will my order ship from?
A: Wedgewood Pharmacy now has two locations - Scottsdale, AZ and Swedesboro, NJ. Your order could come from either location.

Q: Will I still be paying the same amount for shipping and handling?
A: Shipping and handling is always fast and free for orders billed and shipped to your office.

Q: Will my costs change?
A: Some price changes may occur - both increases and decreases - but we do not anticipate significant changes to cost.

Q: How will service, selection, quality, availability, speed, and so forth change for the better?
A: We are integrating to increase the breadth of medications available, to improve the speed of delivery to veterinary practices and patients, and to evolve the service and quality available to the market today.

Q: I have pet owners with open prescriptions with Diamondback Drugs. What will happen to those prescriptions?
A: We will be transferring all prescriptions to the Wedgewood Pharmacy system, and informing your pet owners with open prescriptions about how they can fill their prescriptions with Wedgewood Pharmacy. If there is a medication that will become unavailable in the new formulary, we will notify your office and your pet owners with open prescriptions for the affected medications before the medications become unavailable.

Diamondback Drugs

Diamondback Drugs is your trusted source for quality veterinary medications since 2001. Protecting patients with quality and reliability is our top priority. Each member of our pharmacy staff is trained and tested to ensure the highest quality standards are met when dispensing every prescription. We are a PCAB®accredited veterinary only pharmacy, and offer a variety flavors, formulations, and customized dosing to meet the needs of any animal.

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